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Sears Manufacturing Company has been designing and producing seating products for the human form since 1855. The company is committed to customer satisfaction through innovation, and as the leader in suspension seating, it is constantly working with new technologies to improve ride performance and comfort.

Active Suspension System

The first Active Suspension seat was developed with John Deere & Co. in 2001. The Active suspension concept was recognised as being a major advance in seat technology which resulted in it winning the gold award for Innovation at Agritechnica in 2001.

This new innovation consists of a hydraulically powered accuator/valve/contoller/sensor system that acts upon the suspension linkage to negate the effects of the vehicle inputs.



Senses and compensates for vertical movements, and it can isolate up to 90% of the vertical seat movements.

Speed sensitive to provide superior ride performance regardless of the terrain, which reduces body mass vibrations. This puts less strain on the operator, reducing fatigue and increases productivity.

The gold medal winning John Deere active seat:

Technical diagrams showing ride performance improvements:


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